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JRA_Workiva_Walkway to Atrium Patio
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Workiva embodies a company that is revolutionizing the field of global information management, providing a web-based means to collect, maintain, and streamline in a cloud databank. The success and rapid growth of the company necessitated an exapnsion of their campus, an expansion that Workiva wanted to be contemporary and innovative to embody their cutting-edge direction. Workiva hired Jacobs/Ryan Associates (JRA) to plan and design the landscaping for their recent building expansions, and to design an interior atrium for their employees.

JRA worked closely with the project architects and general contractors to develop a landscape plan that seamlessly integrated the architecture of the buildings with the outdoor spaces. JRA incorporated materials and design themes from previous developments of the campus, including elongated limestone curbs that sweep over the landscape and large limestone blocks sited along paths of circulation. JRA utilized digital modeling technology to create renderings and fly throughs of concepts for client consideration.   JRA_Workiva_Limestone Curbs
JRA_Workiva_SketchUp Patio
JRA_Workiva_Monumental W Sign   The campus features a mixed palette of formal gardens and naturalistic settings, which JRA incorporated into their design concepts with scale and site lines. JRA extended the circulation pathways around the campus to bring the buildings together to form a cohesive whole. JRA’s scope also included designing an atrium with a patio to proivde a gathering area for meals, meetings, and social events, as well as contributing to the design and site orientation of a monumental entry sculpture.
JRA_Workiva_North Garden Rendering   JRA_Workiva_North Garden
JRA_Workiva_Patio To Atrium Interior   JRA_Workiva_Atrium to Phase 3

JRA prepared digital models, walkthroughs, and renderings of the project tor development and design to facilitate client conceptualization of the project. JRA also created documents detailing construction and has led consultant coordination for the project.

Client: Workiva; Design Architects:FEH Associates, Inc

JRA_Workiva_Patio Pavers
JRA_Workiva_Patio To Phase 1 Building
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