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JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Entrance
JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Tower   The Town of Fort Sheridan is a unique residential North Shore community where vintage 19th century architecture is served by the latest 21st century plan. The site of Fort Sheridan was originally a French trading post around 1670, became a small village named St. Johnís about 1840, and became a military base about 1886. The redevelopment of a 135-acre Army base into a residential community within a federally designated historic district demanded site sensitivity embodying the beliefs of O.C. Simonds, the fortís original landscape architect. Simonds advocated pleasing landscape visions incorporating natural themes.
JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Plaza   JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Lake
It became the mission of Jacobs/Ryan Associates work with the design team to envision landscape beauty through the eyes of Simonds. Meaningful historic preservation of landscapes requires research. Fortunately, Simonds left behind two valuable legacies. First, Simonds wrote about his vision in a book, Landscape Gardening, published in 1931. Secondly, he left the site itself as a guide, along with 1200 mature trees. There were also numerous historic photos taken from years past. Within Simonds’ own parameters, and the existing remnant landscape, historic views and fabric has been retained, and a plant palette and design reflective of Simonds’ intent has designed.
JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Column  

Broad lawns, narrow roadways, mature shade trees and natural plantings characterize the design. Site features include beautiful stonework. The Jacobs/Ryan Associates design for the Town of Fort Sheridan received a 2002 Honor Award from the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Client: Town of Fort Sheridan Company; Planner: HKM Architects + Planners; Architects: DLK Architecture, Ehrenkrantz & Eckstut Architects; Surveyor: Gremley & Biedermann, Inc; Engineer: Pearson Brown & Associates

JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Stone Bridge
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JRA Town of Fort Sheridan Gardens
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